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  starting your country

choose colors and main market

select text headers and contact info

The basics
Tradenet works by investing some time early on to setup and configure your country so that it customizes the experience of the site for both users and hosts. Please read these guidelines carefully and follow them step-by-step. It will save you plenty of time and make the site work exactly how you want.

In general once your country has been activated by busylab, and you have been setup as the country host, you will need to go through the following steps:

   • Define some general country info
   • Choose your content modules
   • Define your module sub-categories
   • Define the markets and towns
   • Select the commodities for your country
   • Configure each commodity
   • Configure each market
   • Setup your hosts

Define some general country info

Login as the country host, choose configure > country. Here you can select the color scheme of your country.  You can select the market/commodity graph for your homepage. You can also allow any registered user to upload content (although it will ALWAYS be pending approval by a host), and send emails when uploads take place. Please specify the country footer: this appears at the bottom of every page in your site. And the feedback form email is where all feedback is sent. The excel header info is what is printed on any price downloads that users make from the site. Finally, please put your contact info in the last box – you can use HTML to create line breaks and bold. This should include your address etc.

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