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  uploading prices via SMS

easy to upload

Uploading prices couldn’t be easier. Just follow the above format. Enter the price type, market abbreviation, followed by the commodity codes and their prices. Then text this to 233 243 708185!

add date
add a date at the end of the message if
you want to specify that these prices were
collected on a different day

leave template
keep the text message for use every week.
Some phones allow you to save messages
as templates. If you don't have a price for
a commodity, then it's ok to leave it in.

Tradenet allows any registered user to upload prices to Tradenet via their SMS phone. The user must be a host, with price upload rights, and specific markets assigned to them. And the mobile phone they use must be listed in their tradenet profile. If they have ‘auto-approve’ rights, the prices will go immediately onto the site. This allows anyone to update market prices on tradenet instantly from any market in Africa.

• has the mobile user been registered & setup as a host?
• have they been given upload privileges for prices?
• have they been assigned markets?
• have they registered their mobile phone in their profile?
  (confirm with your country host before you begin)

to upload prices
• on your phone, compose a message per below
• do not enter more than 160 characters
• click ‘send’
• enter +23324370818517
• hit ‘OK’ to send the prices to us
• you’ll receive a confirmation SMS from TradeNet. Easy!


• put +W for wholesale or +R for retail
• follow this by the market abbreviation
     (how to find commodity/market abbreviations)
• follow this by the commodity/price combination for as many commodities as you typically cover. There should be no space between the commodity abbreviation and the price.

• save your text as a ‘template’ on your phone, so you don’t have to create a new text each time: just replace the prices and send!
• to submit prices that were NOT collected on the same day, just add a date at the end of the upload after a space in this format: DD-MM-YY.
• If your list is long, create two messages, each must start with the price type (wholesale/retail) and market abbreviation.