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  our features
there is a powerful suite of tools that help producers, traders and suppliers manage their businesses more effectively. Here we highlight the main features available on Tradenet.

  offers to buy and sell

• post an offer to buy or sell via the web
• upload offers by SMS
• distribute offers via SMS to hundreds
• subscribe to get offers via SMS automatically
• search offers in your area
• search by commodity
• see history of offers by users
• quickconnect to merchants by SMS or email
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  real-time market prices
• prices from thousands of suppliers
• every price branded with source/date
• uploaded via web or SMS instantly
• available by email or SMS subscriptions
• historical analysis and trends
• graphical charts
• multiple currency conversions
• powerful searching & comparison
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  market reports
• custom reports for every market
• includes current offers, news & prices
• customize the four comparison markets
• printable A4 format for market notice boards
• unique & simple URL for bookmarking
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  user profiles & shops (spring 2007)
• free web 'shop' for every user
• able to display product, offers, contact info
• history of offers submitted
• quickconnect to user via SMS or email
• customizable networks of trading partners
• GPS plotting on map of user's location
• search for users by commodity, area, occupation
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  association websites
• for chambers of commerce
• for networks of traders or producers
• quick and easy to setup (just 30mins!)
• custom logo, colors and URL address
• powerful content pulled from TradeNet
• tools to manage members
• privacy: closed networks for content sharing
• ability to link to other groups and share
• ever growing set of modules to choose from
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  commodity portals & supply chains
• detailed portal page for every commodity
• displays offers, prices & news
• lists of transporters, sellers, producers
• option to limit to region or country
• custom descriptions & photos of product
• library of downloadable documents
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  news & document distribution platform
• news headlines tagged to commodities/areas
• subscribe to news alerts via SMS
• upload video or audio files
• upload regulatory documents
• powerful search by commodity
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  mobile & SMS integration
• submit an offer from your mobile
• request a price on your mobile
• submit prices into the system via your mobile
• subscribe to daily or weekly SMSes
• send SMSes to your network of merchants
• send bulk SMS offers to targeted traders
• easy to integrate with any mobile operator
• get prices via SMS in any currency
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  targeted marketing by email or SMS: Publish!
• powerful targeting of users
• search by occupation, area, commodity
• mass market to them via email or SMS
• send an offer to every maize trader in mali
• send offers, news headlines or prices
• customize the message to recipients

  powerful customizable tools
• you control the content and configuration
• add and delete markets
• add and delete commodities
• add and delete hosts
• manage who uploads content
• powerful approval tools on content
• customize colors and logos
• select what content modules you want
• add international prices to your view
• use custom measures & grades you define

  all available using your mobile & SMS
• submit an offer from your mobile
• request prices from your mobile
• request specific currencies or markets
• upload prices via your mobile
• subscribe to offer or price alerts on mobile
• register your mobile phone
• easy for mobile operators to interconnect

  easy to read reports
• graphical reports help understand usage
• detailed tracking & reports on SMS requests
• total registered users and new registrations
• rankings by top commodities viewed
• rankings by top commodities viewed
• rankings by top markets visited
• rankings by page visits and unique visitors
• overall hit usage
• ability to select custom time periods for viewing