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  help with using SMS
getting prices via SMS
subscribing to SMS alerts
finding SMS codes

uploading prices via SMS
uploading offers via SMS

  help with managing your account
how to register
editing your preferences & settings
subscribing to SMS alerts

building your own website (shop)
setting up trusted networks
forgotten logins & lost passwords

  help with groups
setting up a group
choosing and configuring content
setting up a custom URL (webaddress)

adding members & hosts to a group
linking to other groups & content

  help with uploading content
uploading prices
uploading offers
uploading news

uploading library files
uploading via SMS

  help with hosts
• targeted mass-mailings via SMS
• targeted mass-mailings via email
• understanding usage reports
• uploading EXCEL sheets
• approving content uploads
• choosing markets
• choosing markets
• choosing markets

  help with configuring a country
starting your country
editing markets & towns
editing commodities
selecting modules
setting up hosts
setting up and using local measures
getting usage reports
setting up international prices
customizing market reports
• configuring SMS for your country