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  creating a new group


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make sure that you are a registered user of TradeNet and that you have logged in (your name will appear at the top right of the screen if you are logged in).


in the dialog box at right, just select a name and the default language for your group, then select 'create group'.

Tradenet will automatically create the group and establish you as the owner of the group. You will see the first page of the site, which has the default 'mission' module.

Your group has now been created and exists on tradenet. You can continue to configure the group as per below, or you can return at any time in the future to do this.

to configure your new group
To change the basic settings and configurations of a group first select it from your personal menu drop down. Just click on the name of the group.

The 'configure' page shows you all the basic settings of your group. You can change any of these settings by clicking on 'edit'. We suggest that you do the following (but you can come back and do any or all of this anytime in the future):

   • edit the group's basic info
   • setup your country and markets
   • setup your commodities
   • choose your colors and logos

covered in other sections (click to visit):

   • setting up a custom URL (webaddress)
   • choose content for your group
   • adding hosts and members

to edit any of the following options, just select 'edit' from the top right of each box.

setup your basic info
your pagetitle should be short and bold. The fullname will print below this and can be longer and more formal. Membership can be open to anyone to join, or you can approve applicants, or keep it private altogether. Privacy allows users to keep their contact info hidden and avoid unsolicited SMS or emails. The welcome email is sent to a new member when they signup or are registered by you: describe the benefits. SMS allows you to offer free SMS for users to send out, and the group pays for these. Keywords are important as they help google searchers find you. Occupations is important to fillout so that people searching for specific types of groups can find you.

select your countries and markets
select the various countries and markets you serve. Clicking on the blue name will display further choices below each option. Choose 'finished' when you have selected them.

select your commodities
select the various commodities you work with. Clicking on the blue name will display further choices below each option. Choose 'finished' when you have selected them.

customizing your logo and colors
to change your logo, just click browse, find it on your PC, choose open. Then when you have the path listed choose 'upload image' to send it to tradenet. It's better if you save it at no more than 100 pixels in any direction, in .gif or .jpg format. If you don't, we'll squash it when you upload it, and that could distort the image.

Just click on what color scheme you like.

Once you've done this, choose 'finished'.