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custom content

adding content from tradenet to your group site is easy and powerful. There's already a lot of content in your countries and you just need to select what you want on your site. Some content you will need to create (eg. mission; about us) and some comes from tradenet directly (news; offers; prices etc.)

on the group configuration page, you can find a box showing what modules you already have selected for your group. Checking off the 'homepage' box means that that content will get a small box on your group homepage. If you select 'members only' it means that only members of your group can access that content (when they are logged in).

To change these modules, just click on 'edit'. Here you will find a screen that lists a menu of all the modules available to you. Simply check the ones that you are interested in showing on your site. Try and start with just a few that you configure well. Add more later.

editing individual content modules
this can be done by returning to the homepage of your group, or by visiting each page in your group website. If you are a host for that group, and you are logged in, you will always find an 'edit' icon which allows you to change the content for a module. There are two types of modules, one is automatic content from tradenet, and the other is custom content.

configuring auto-content from tradenet
this example shows how you can display tradenet content on your group page. In this case you can display offers to buy and sell. You need to indicate if you want it to appear on your homepage or not, whether only members can access it, where it is in the menu, what type of content it displays, and how many offers to show.

configuring custom content
this example shows how you can edit content for the 'mission' module. Much more content is required from you. You not only have to configure where and how this module appears on your group website, but you also have to write the content. You can write a short intro to show on the box feature on the homepage, and even post up a small graphic.

you also need to write the content for the full page. Again, you can write the body of the text, add a photo and web hyperlink. You can also add some bulletted text for each highlight.

experiment! Try filling out these forms and going back to see what your site looks like. You can play with your site and customize it so that it does exactly what you want.