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Define the markets and towns
Logged in as country host, choose configure > markets/towns. This lists the towns and markets that have been setup. To add another town click on the button, ‘add/edit towns’. Here you select the region and add the town name. To add a market to a town, click on ‘add a new market’. Select the town from a pulldown, and type in the new market name then hit ‘add’. Tipsheet #4 setting up your country (2/2) Select commodities Choose configure > commodities. Multiple select (with CTRL key down) from the list at right, and click add. If you don’t see the commodity you want, contact busylab and have them add it. You can rename the commodities for your local country (see below). Configure each commodity you will have to select each commodity and customize it for your country. To access this interface, go to the configure > commodities and then click on whichever commodity you wish to configure. You can change how the name is viewed in your country by adding a ‘local commodity name’. Select a rank for the commodity – this makes all rank1 commodities displayed on the main pages, rank 2 is normal, rank 3 displays the commodity only when a users drills down in the site (rank 3 are less visible on the site). You will need to add a short description here which will display on the commodity portal page (under ‘commodities’ at the top navigation bar), as well as add a picture here of the commodity suitable for your country. Finally, for offers, you can check the boxes that are relevant to users specifying attributes of an offer about this commodity. Configure each market you Click on configure markets/towns, then click on the market name. First you can enter the SMS abbreviation. Then you can indicate which type of prices you collect for this market (retail, wholesale, off-lorry). To customize your price input screen, select if you are entering min/max/avg or just single prices (avg).

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