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How it works...

We have established an internet server that stores, manages and distributes all of your content. We monitor and maintain these services for you. We supply you with an account that enables you to setup your country, setup your commodities, setup your modules and enter your content. All of this is done via an easy-to-use web interface. It can be accessed from any internet-connected PC. Not only can you control what information gets uploaded into your system, but you can manage how and when it gets distributed (by email or sms or fax etc.)

You can enter information in a number of different ways, from individual price uploads online, to an auto-upload feature via email (just send in your excel spreadsheets!).

You can have any number of market agents entering information from any cybercafe or SMS phone anywhere. A simple 'approve' interface is available to monitor the content.

The system is built on a mysql database and powerful web server technology. You can choose to have this system established by us in your office where you can interact with the content quickly and easily, and even if there is a poor or slow internet connection.



via sms, fax, web, radio


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