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The feature set of TradeNet is extensive and has been developed in conjunction with price analysts, farmers, traders and agricultural specialists. Our extensive technology and interface design background has also enabled us to bring a unique perspective to building a friendly tool..

web interface totally configurable using an easy-to-use web interface
the entire tradenet application is used through a browser. There is no need to download any special application. You can upload and manage content from any internet-connected PC, anywhere! So if you're travelling, you can keep the site up to date... and if you want others to help maintain the content from remote locations, they can also be enabled to upload data...
hosts you can specify as many hosts as you want. Each host has the ability to login to the system. Depending on what privileges you set for each host, they can upload content, configure the site, or approve other host uploads. This is a great way to involve the community, and also a simple way to get enumerators in the field entering data right into the system using local cybercafes. All content uploaded in this way is 'pending' until hosts with approval privileges have approved it.
configure there are many ways in which you can configure the site through the web. You can add or delete whatever commodities you want. You can add new markets and towns. You can even set the color system of the site. You can add new hosts, and determine which privileges each host has on the site. You can add new subscribers to your email price alerts. You can configure the SMS list for your local provider, and the SMS codes.
modules There are up to 6 modules currently available for TradeNet: prices, library, news, offers, contacts, commodities.. You can check these on or off depending on how much content you are ready to publish. If you wish, you can start with just price information and grow from there as other content is ready to populate the other modules.
sms integration Currently, we have designed an SMSengine which integrates with local operators. We download and retrieve data from their sites every few minutes. This enables enumerators in the field to submit prices via SMS directly into your database. It also enables phone users to be able to retrieve price information for commodities and markets minutes after they have been submitted. This can generate revenue for the mobile operator, which can also be shared with you. Over time, we hope to incorporate subscription models where users can transfer credit onto their tradenet accounts using scratch cards -- thus enabling them to pay for premium services.
staging server We have also established a staging server solution, which allows you to create an exact replica of the database and web application within your office on a simple computer. The benefits of this include fast browsing, fast data uploads as well as the ability to upload and manage your site even if you have a bad or intermittent internet connection. Whenever a connection is available, the staging server will replicate to the global server and vice-versa. We recommend this as it will speed up local content management, and should cost less than $1,500 to setup.
publish lists you can publish price information via excel spreadsheets and emails automatically using our 'publish' function.
local measures you can configure local measues (sacks, bowls, bags) and specify a metric conversion and upload or display prices in local measures.
charts whether comparing two commodities over time, or two markets over time, or either in one location or one area, we have extensive and dynamic charting features that will enable anyone to quickly recognize trends and plan ahead.
GIS early in 2006, we will incorporate the ability to generate digital maps of your country with overlays of pricing for commodities, as well as include key markets in neighboring countries, where you can zoom or pan around vector maps.
branding you can brand your tradenet site with your own domain name and your own logo etc. across the top. Customization of the pages is available but must discussed on an individual basis.




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