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An international team with extensive web application experience is working out of Ghana to support and extend the tradenet application.

Michael Ocansey
Starting off with basic HTML in notepad, Mike now develops web applications with almost all the technologies available in the field; ASP, PHP, Coldfusion, Flash, DHTML/JavaScript, XML, SQL. He uses this wealth of knowledge to build the user interfaces on tradenet, doing the early prototyping in Coldfusion. Before tradenet, Mike played a leading web development role with Rising Data Solutions. He also worked for a while with joyOnline, the web design division of joyFM, and one of Ghana's leading web developers, ExplainerDC.
Puoza Der Gamiliel
Puoza wrote a full payroll program in Turbo paschal for which the source code could span the entire length of Ghana in the course of single semester of 1999. Now, my favourite dishes are C++ (Win32, ATL, MFC) and Visual basic/.NET. I also do and <% vbscript, javascript%>. Linux (RedHat, Mandrake, Knoppix, Slackware) is my playground during hobby time. Puoza is responsible for the data replication and security, manages the remote staging servers for TradeNet, as well as the SMS server engines and integration.
Mark Davies
Mark is a successful internet start-up entrepreneur that pioneered the development of online applications in the USA during the dot-boom with metrobeat and citysearch. He was also an original founder in FirstTuesday, the global networking phenomenon out of London, and most recently has founded BusyInternet in Accra, Ghana (Africa's largest private technology center). Mark brings seasoned business experience to the project and is mostly responsible for feature integration, information design, and business deployment.

Pablo Destefanis
Pablo has many years of experience in computer networks and systems administration and takes care of the operation of Tradenet's main servers including security, database management and replication. He makes sure data is available to our customers when they require it and works closely with the development team to implement changes and new features into our systems. After being based in Ghana for the last two years, he moved to the US, but he insists it's only temporary and he'll be back in West Africa sooner than later.

Shaun Ferris
Shaun is located in Kampala, Uganda, where he has been based since 1995. Previously, he set up the FOODNET project, which pioneered new marketing information systems at the local, national and regional levels.  He is now the project manager of CIAT’s Rural Agro-enterprise Development project (RAeD), involved in project activities in Latin America, Asia and Africa.  These projects are based around the concept of linking farmers to markets using methods, tools and information systems.  Shaun’s main areas of interest include (i) community enterprise development (ii) marketing information services, (iii) commodity trade analysis. Shaun's repsonsibility with Tradenet is the support and deployment of MIS departments in the field and the training/model required to get timely and accurate market information into the system as easily and quickly as possible.
Francois Bonin
Francois Bonin is one of ghana's leading systems architect and developer. Originally from a scientific background, he spent several years developing commercial software, and has learned to work with various technologies and development paradigms placing emphasis on the development process and testability of software systems.
His technical skills and aptitude at communicating with fellow developers earned him the Microsoft Most Valuable Professional award in October 2004. He currently works as a development consultant for various software houses in West Africa, Southern Africa and the United States of America.









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