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saturday, feb 10  |  
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InterRice - Monthly report of the world market of rice - January 2007
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In January, the world prices were globally stronger, mainly in Thailand and the United States. By contrast,
prices started to decrease in Vietnam and India with the progressive arrival of the new harvest to the market.

This break may last a short time, due to the return of leading world importers to the market, like Indonesia and Philippines.

Their strong import demand this year is expected to influence the world prices. Therefore, the exporters show great optimism in settling contracts in the near future.

In January, the OSIRIZ/InfoArroz index (IPO) rose to 135.5 points (basis 100 = January 2000), against 134.7 points in December.

category:  politique agricole
author:  Patricio Méndez del Vill
source link:  [email protected]
date:  05 Feb '07