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saturday, feb 10  |  
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Kisenyi grain trade low
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Kisenyi grain trade low
Trade in the grain centre of Kisenyi was recorded at a low pace as huge volume of maize continues to pour in from the high production districts of Kiboga, Masindi and Busoga region. The quality is not yet good since most of the product delivered is newly harvested. Moisture content levels are still high at average 18% to 23%. Market price did not change except for the few traders who sold out side Kisenyi market. A kilo was offered at Ush.270. Maize flour was demanded low compared to last week and for that matter prices were registered slightly lower. A kilo of super quality went for Ush.630 in Kisenyi while in Owino market it sold for Ush.650. Maize brand prices were averagely Ush200- 110 per kilo for different qualities of brand.

On the beans market, a good supply of Nambale (K132) beans was delivered and a kilo of K132 was offered at Ush.650 in both Owino and Kisenyi markets. In Nakawa Nambale beans sold slightly higher at Ush.750/kg. The cheapest source of Nambale is Kasese and a kilo was offered at Ush.450 at wholesale while the highest price for a kilo of K132 beans came from Masindi at Ush.800/

category:  weekly market reports
author:  D.Kaye
date:  22 Jan '07