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saturday, november 07  |  en  
  daily graphic Daily Graphic Business Edition- Sep, 2008
Texting TradeNet: What's the price of soya beans?
Ever wondered how farmers in the Northern Region town of Salaga determine what price to set for their crops? The short answer is that, for the most part, they are price takers in a predominantly buyers' market, where prices are usually dictated by traders and middlemen.
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Trade at Hand- Dec, 2007
A few questions to Mark Davies - TradeNet CEO
Whether public or private, these innovations, especially in areas like ICT4D, need time. So many basic human lessons are being learned about how these communities interact (or don't) with technology that we need a development cycle that allows for that product refinement over time...
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voa VOA News - May 10, 2007
Text Messages Could Mean Money for African Farmers
How do you bring information from a market in Ghana, like here in Accra, to a text message on a cellular phone? This type of technology is being fine-tuned by a staff of West Africans and non-Africans working for a company called BusyLab in the Ghanaian capital.
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  balancing act Balancing Act - Feb 12, 2007
Tradenet launches market intel platform for buying and selling agricultural goods
‘The point is not just to deliver price information, which can be misinterpreted anyway. The point is to get to the core of what people are doing and give them tools to do it better and faster. In agriculture, that’s buying and selling.’
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The Enquirer - Feb 7, 2007 for Ghanaian Farmers …
This facility will allow farmers and traders in agricultural commodities in Africa to transact their business through the use of mobile phone Shot Message Service (SMS).
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    Ghanaian Times - Feb 5, 2007
Farmers to trade via mobile phone
An internet facility that allows farmers and traders in agricultural commodities in Africa to transact their business through the use of mobile phone Short Message Service (SMS) was launched in Accra Friday...
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  daily graphic The Daily Graphic - Jan 30, 2007
Busylab develops agric software
A Ghana-based software developer, Busylab, has developed software applications with innovations that would ensure that farmers get their goods and service to the market through the internet. It is targeted at the agricultural sector across Africa.
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  mobileafrica Mobile Africa - Jan 31, 2007
African-wide trading platform for mobile phones launched
BusyLab, a software research & development business based in Accra Ghana, has spent the last two years developing a suite of tools that will target the agriculture sector across Africa with innovative ways to market goods and services.
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  economist the economist - Jan 25, 2007
Buy, Cell, Hold: A plan is afoot to create a pan-African market based on mobile phones
The technology revolution may be coming to poor countries via the mobile phone, not the personal computer, as it did in rich ones…TradeNet, a software company based in Accra, Ghana, will unveil a simple sort of eBay for agricultural products across a dozen countries in west Africa...
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  logo Press Release - Jan 31, 2007
African-wide trading platform for mobile phones launched
Ghanaian software firm launches innovative agricultural market information service: enabling producers and traders across Africa to share prices, contacts and offers via their mobile phones.
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MediaFlip - Oct 12, 2008
Did I just find a farmer from rural Africa on Twitter?
A particularly strong example is the Internet trading platform TradeNet, an information service that enables farmers and traders in agricultural commodities in Africa to conduct business through the use of SMS.[read more...]

Mohammed4u's Weblog- July, 2008
Farmer Cooperatives under the ECAMIC project
The principal challenge has been the delay between the information at the field office to the farmers in the communities...a system called TRADENET ( is an electronic platform that permits users to sign-up for SMS alerts to receive market information for commodities and markets they are interested in.[read more...]

my Heart’s in Accra;
Ethan Zuckerman - Aug 17, 2007
The Price of Maize
The TradeNet system built at the BusyLabs technology incubator in Accra makes it possible to find up-to-date prices on agricultural products throughout West Africa, and to offer transactions to users in other countries, selling commodities across national borders. [read more...]

Trisignia - Apr 11, 2007
Twittering in Africa
There’s a company working out of Accra, Ghana, however, that’s using text-messaging technology to actually help with the country’s development issues, and I think it’s got some real potential... [read more...]

my Heart’s in Accra;
Ethan Zuckerman - Feb 1, 2007
Tradenet-How mobile phones might revolutionize agriculture in West Africa
TradeNet is designed to take advantage of the boom in mobile phones on the African continent, a boom that’s put mobile phones in the hands of 10% of Africans… an amazing growth over the number of people connected via wired telephony. TradeNet is designed to be an open marketplace for buyers and sellers of agricultural products throughout West Africa. [read more...]

White African - Jan 31, 2007
Mobile Phones as Platform in Africa
TradeNet is more than just a copycat of some other software, it’s a new take on how to communicate and foster trade in Africa. Not just that though, it has a business model. [read more...]

Social Edge - Jan 30, 2007
Mobile Phone in West Africa
Junk mail on his mobile is not something Global X would wish, but he was nevertheless quite impressed that mobile phones were finally creating what several generations of African politicians have been avoiding: a free market. [read more...]

Timbuktu Chronicles - Jan 28, 2007
‘We're experimenting with exactly how to leverage the mobile network which now reaches so much further into communities as a method for unleashing their commercial potential.”
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