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  uploading my photo


You must login on Tradenet with your username and password. Visit

Edit your profile
To go to your profile page, click on “configure” under your name. If you have approve rights, then you will be first sent on the approve page, where you will need to click on “my profile”. Now click on the “edit” button at the bottom of the profile page.

Browse and choose an image
Under "other details" find the image option, and click "browse". From the list of files, click once on the name of the image you want to upload and it will appear in the .Then click on open. Don’t worry about the size of the image; tradenet will automatically resize it for you.

Click continue
Clicking "continue" will bring you back to the edit page, along with the image you've selected.

Then Click on “edit” to change or
Click on  “upload” to continue
Your photo is Uploaded!
You'll find the message "your profile has been loaded successfully". You can now go back to your profile page and see your photo, resized. If you have a group on tradenet, you can follow the same steps to upload a photo into the "about us" and "mission" sections.


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