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  targeted mass-mailings via SMS/email

To be able to publish you must have publish rights. Contact your country host.

You have three ways of accessing the publish module. In any case, you need to be logged in to tradenet in order to publish effectively.
From “your page”
      1. Click on “tools and uploads” after logged in or

  1. Click on “configure”, you will be sent to your profile page with a left menu beside it then, select “publish”
  2. The last option, use and login if you are not already logged in
  Using any of the options above, publish by following the steps:

step 1
check the box of the item you want to publish: offers, news, library, prices and choose the medium (email, sms) you want to publish via, from the pull down menu “publish via”.

step 2

select the content to publish from the list displayed for news and library or select the different combinations you want for offers and prices and hit “next”.

email preview

sms preview

step 3

preview your publish and generate recipients for it by clicking on “ select recipients”.
filter recipients by checking the boxes of the different countries you which to publish to and, select your recipients’ occupations as well as the commodities they deal in
hit “next” to continue or “back” to make some changes.

contacts list

additional recipients
step 4
check the contacts you wish to send the email/sms to.
Add additional recipients who are not on tradenet in the box displayed at your right and hit “next” to continue or “back” to go back to make some changes

step 5
preview your publish one last time and hit “publish now” to publish your news, offers, library or prices or, hit “back” to make some changes.

A message will appear telling you whether publish was successful or not.

coming soon

  • publish event report to publisher
  • publish in traditional measures


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