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  adding members & hosts to a group

You must have the right to edit members in your group before doing the following:

  1. go to your grouphomepage
  2. login and click on “edit” button at the top right of your members module
  3. you are sent to “edit members” page, you then click on “add member” at the button of the page at left
  4. You are sent to a page where, you can add members from tradenet by writing the name of the new member in the search field and hit “go”. If you don’t know the name of the one you are going to add, you can search for users by occupations if you know the occupation of the one you are interested in

    Once you get the result of your search, you just check the box of the different contacts you are interested in and hit “save as new members”

  5. You can also register a new member on tradenet and add him to your group at the same time. You just have to click “register a new member”. After filling the registration file, you just click on “save as a new member” Once you are done, you just click on any module at your left to go to its page. If you want to continue adding, click on the “edit” button beside Members at the top left.

Add a host on groups: you must also have the right to add hosts in your group before proceeding.

  1. after login, click on “configure this group” at the top right of your group’s homepage
  2. Click on the “edit” button at the right of hosts within the host’s box.
  3. On the configure users & rights page, click on the “add host” button
  4. Check the box of the member you want to make a host then hit “finished”.
  5. You can edit your new host’s right by clicking the “edit” button at the right of his/her name.
  6. Click on any of the module at your left to go to their page.




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