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  setting up a custom URL

edit url

edit url

creating easy and memorable ways for people to find you is a key marketing tool. Here we provide you with options to customize how that is done. You can create an easy-to-remember tradenet address, and you can even create your own www domain and we will link that to your tradenet website.

from the main configuration screen of your group, find the 'web address' entry and click on the edit icon.

your tradenet address
make something short and easy to remember. Then you can put this address on all your correspondence and marketing materials. The name must be unique, so there is a chance it is already taken. Try and find something that will be easy but unique.

your own domain
even better, setup your own domain. Just fill in the information here and then contact tradenet to register and activate it for you. Custom domains cost $25/year.

your email
this is where all email about your site will be sent, both from users of the site, and notifications from the tradenet team.


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