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  subscribing to SMS alerts

It's easy to automate SMS alerts from Tradenet. Just take a minute or two to configure your account online, and we'll send you prices or offers to buy or sell without you having to request them each time.
* you must have a valid mobile phone number before you can get any alerts.

Make sure that you have already registered on tradenet (visit if you haven't). If you are already a user then visit or click on "sms alerts" in "my page" your country homepage.


step 1
select types of alerts you wish to receive, and countries from which you want the alerts to come and click set up a new alert


alert configuration

step 2
Select commodities and markets and click continue

If the alert is about ‘market prices’, then you need in addition to select the type of price, the currency, and also the days in which you need to receive the prices alerts within a week period (not more than THREE days).

click ‘continue’ to continue or ‘go back’ to go back and edit.

alert confirmation

step 3
then, you can write a short description of your alert and then hit finish to finish


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