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UGANDA - current prices show and explain the trends that occur in the different markets at the end of every week . [weekly market reports; 30 Jan '09]
•  More price increments eminent in Kampala
UGANDA - Kampala continued to record fair weather conditions with most parts having wet and hot spells which had no significant effects on the market conditions...... [News; 24 Nov '08]
•  NLPIP sponsors free treatment of animals in Kumi district
UGANDA - The national livestock productivity improvement project has sponsored the free treatment of the various cattle disease in the.... [News; 24 Nov '08]
•  United Nations development program launches multi functional platforms in masindi District
UGANDA - The United Nations development program launched multi functional platforms in the district and one of the [News; 24 Nov '08]
•  Late seasonal rains slows down produce trade/destroys crops.
UGANDA - The weather was wet and windy with a fairly distributed rainfall across a wide section of the country. Some areas especially in east were reminded of the 2006 rainy season that left the region covere [News; 18 Nov '08]

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