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  economist the economist - Jan 25, 2007
Buy, Cell, Hold: A plan is afoot to create a pan-African market based on mobile phones
TradeNet, a software company based in Accra, Ghana, will unveil a simple sort of eBay for agricultural products across a dozen countries in west Africa. It lets buyers and sellers indicate what they are after and their contact information, which is sent to all relevant subscribers as an SMS text message in one of four languages. Interested parties can then reach others directly to do a deal...
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    Ethan Zuckerman - Feb 1 , 2007
TradeNet - How mobile phones might revolutionize agriculture in Africa
What’s likely to be different here is that Davies and crew are making the software available so that this can start in many different markets, and are pursuing an ad support model which lowers or eliminates transaction costsl...
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    Press Release - Jan 31, 2007
African-wide trading platform for mobile phones launched
Ghanaian software firm launches innovative agricultural market information service: enabling producers and traders across Africa to share prices, contacts and offers via their mobile phones.
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