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The ECAMIC project uses ICT innovatively to promote market access for farming communities in the Eastern Corridor of the Northern Region. The ultimate goal of the project is to improve the lives of our target beneficiaries or clients through enhanced profitability of their economic activities by providing them with market information and data.

The project is persuing a number of objectives and among which is;

To develop the capacity of individual farmers (and in groups) to use mobile phones and internet facilities to carry out agro-market transactions (upload prices, receive price offers, make offers/bids, follow-up market negotiations, etc.) in a much faster and economical manner;

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The goal of the Eastern Corridor Agro-Market Information Centre(ECAMIC) project is to contribute towards improved livelihood security of small-scale food crop producers in the eastern corridor of Northern Ghana through improved access to market information, input data and relevant government policy information.

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Banana plantain (GHA/KUMA/CTMK) /kg
Rice (local) (GHA/KUMA/CTMK) /kg
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Banana plantain (GHA/KUMA/ASAF) /kg
Maize (flour) (GHA/ACCR/NIMA) /kg
Rice (local) (GHA/KUMA/CTMK) /kg
Banana plantain (GHA/KUMA/CTMK) /kg
Rice (local) (GHA/TAKO) /kg

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group created on: Mar-14-2007
group created by: Mohammed Mumuni
group membership: 212

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