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  editing my preferences and settings


see ur profile

configure your options

choose a picture

profile yourself - it's important!

you can even select markets

in the topbar of your tradenet window, at the right, click on 'login'. If you are already logged in, just navigate to 'my account' and click on that.

your account summary will be shown.

click 'edit'

you can now change all your personal details. Make sure your contact information is up to date. You can also select which commodities you work with, and what kind of occupation you have. This is very helpful when people are sending out special offers via SMS. Having the right information here means you could receive those SMSes, and people looking to do business can find you in the database.

upload your photo! People are much more likely to click on your profile if there is a photograph. Just ask anyone to show you how upload a photograph to a computer. We will automatically resize the image to fit the profile page.

selecting specific commodities and identifying your business will help make those business connections accurate and timely and can lead to new opportunities. It's important to take time and get this right.

You can even specify the markets if you further want to specialize. Anyone looking for local partners can find you this way. Just click 'specify the markets i work in' on the page and check which markets apply.