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Fresh dry beans on the market.

UGANDA - The price of beans is at its highest since January as fresh ones flow to the market, however, the beans price is expected to fall in the near future as the major harvest season opens. With the exception of the white small beans and mixed beans, the rest are highly priced. K132 beans (Nambale) is selling at Ush.1, 200/kg wholesale in Kisenyi and Owino markets. Retail price range between Ush.1, 400-1,500/kg. In Kalerwe and Nakawa markets, fresh dry Nambale was offered at Ush.1, 500-1,600/kg retail price.
Kanyebwa (Rosecoco) beans are selling relatively lower at Ush.900-950 off lorry Kampala- Kisenyi and Owino markets. The notable supply areas are Mubende for Nambale and Mbarara for medium size beans esp.Kahoora beans and the yellow beans from Kasese and Fort portal.There is sufficient supply of G/nut to the market especially from Soroti and Masindi. Price is averagely the same although the G/nuts from Gulu are of better quality leave alone the distance travelled to the market. Owino off lorry price is Ush.1, 350-1,400/kg, while wholesale price is Ush.1, 750/kg. Soya beans and peas coming in from Mbarara had stable prices this week.
Simsim and Rice price dropped down to Ush.1, 250 and 1,000/kg off lorry respectively because these crops are off season and scarce. Sorghum beer and Millet grain also had a price reduction to Ush.650-700 off lorry Kampala Sorghum beer. Millet from Lira, Arua and Mbarara was offered at the same price: Ush450 off lorry Kisenyi. Ginger supply increased and forced the price low from Ush.1, 500 off lorry Owino to Ush1, 400/kg.

Fresh commodity market.
The fresh items were all in abundance and are sold low. Irish potatoes from Kabale were most supplied to all the markets and Singo/ Mityana Irish at Ush.50, 000 per sack of approx.120 kg .Matooke price was forced low in order to sale as compared to fresh cassava and sweet potatoes. At Kalerwe a bunch sold at Ush.4, 000- 7,000. Mbarara, Masaka and Fort Portal were the source of supply.
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author:  D.Kaye
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date:  25 May '07
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