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Exporters slow down on grain purchase:

UGANDA - The exporter are buying at a low esteem especially maize because of the high price on the market compared to supply. They continue to hoard in expectation for a lower price since they have feel of a considerable quantity with stockists. Exporters to Sudan have resorted to low grade maize flour from Kisenyi which is especially milled for such trade.
The supply of cassava chips is good though the quality isn’t the best which has forced the price low. A kilo is going for between UShs.200-220.A price increase has been registered on rice and Kaiso goes for Shs.1200 –1300 a kilo and Super (Uganda) goes for Ush.1,350 –1,400 a kilo wholesale price due to increased demand. Sorghum is currently supplied in good quantities from Mbarara Millers in Kisenyi off loaded it at Ush.490/kg. The crop registered a drop in price and also did not fetch good money since its demand is low.
Fresh Commodity market:
The fresh items are in abundance though their supply has been affected by the present rains. Kalerwe recorded the biggest supply of sweet potatoes and cassava and this has caused a drop in price as traders compete for sale. Irish potatoes on the other hand were highly supplied to Owino and Kisenyi as this is the gateway to southern Sudan but retail and wholesale prices remain high because demand. The Ssingo, Mityana crop was delivered this week at Ush 47,000-50,000 for sack weighing 115 kgs in various Kampala markets.
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date:  12 May '07
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