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Tanzanian yellow beans on the market.

UGANDA - Most commodity prices increased this week. Beans generally went for Ush950-1100/kg single colour while mixed beans were offered low at Ush.800/kg .Flesh beans from Kasese are on the market this week. Yellow beans and K132 beans from Tanzania are on the Kampala market too. The quality is good and currently they are the preferred type though highly priced at Ush.1, 400 and 1,200 retail for Yellow and K132 respectively.
The price of groundnuts (Unsorted) has now shot up slightly to Ush1450/kg off lorry in Owino with supply mainly coming from Masaka and Gulu. Traders are anticipating the Arua crop will be harvested in the near future.
category:  News
author:  D.Kaye.
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date:  26 Apr '07

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