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MIR Quarterly Bulletin n°9 - Dec 06

BURKINA FASO - The year 2007 is the final year of the contract between IFDC and the Dutch Cooperation for the implementation of the MIR Project. This year is also that of the maturity of the project that has reached its cruising speed. Through its contribution to the agri-input sector development during its four years of activities, MIR has boosted the interest and an increasing commitment of the agricultural stakeholders of the sub-region: public and private sectors, farmers’ organizations, and other development partners.

The main concern however, at the beginning of this year, lies in the question of whether MIR should end at this critical stage or not. An evaluation mission mandated by the donor (DGIS) and planned for this May will give the opportunity for evaluators to report on the achievements and reflect upon the future of the project’s major activities after the planned closure date of December 2007.
category:  agriculture
author:  Francis DABIRE
subregion : 
date:  05 Feb '07
file:  click to download (377kb)

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